About Daitem

Daitem is the inventor of entirely wire-free alarm systems, which it designs and manufactures in France, near Grenoble. With over 35 years of security experience, more than 650 employees and almost one million installations across Europe, Daitem is the European leader in wire-free equipment for homes and businesses.

Protecting your home

Protect your loved ones and your property with the Daitem wireless alarm system.

An alarm system is the core part of your home’s protection. The Daitem alarm system is at once simple and effective. An alarm control panel communicates with detectors via radio frequencies. The radio links are ensured by TwinBand® technology, which allows dual encoding of frequencies and hence prevents any attempts to jam the system.

Protect the access points on your property using the Daitem wireless doorphone system.

Providing the first barrier against danger from the street, it allows you to manage all entrances to your home. It is fitted with Daitem radio technology, which, on top of the security it affords, makes for really comfortable use day after day.


Protecting your business premises

The wireless technology developed by Daitem is also suitable for businesses.